Top 5 Reasons to Join a Student Society at University

Taking admission into a prestigious university abroad is a dream of many international students! We understand that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where your focus remains entirely on performing exceptionally well in your academics.

But you need to understand that in order to expand your horizon, you must get involved in extracurricular activities like actively participating in student societies at your university.

Student societies are an integral part of university life, where you get the opportunity to learn, grow, and make countless cherished memories.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of reasons to join them. And in this blog, we have covered the five best reasons to inspire you to join a student society that perfectly matches your interest!

Helps in Socializing

Shifting to a new country can be both daunting and stressful for any international student. The frequent bouts of culture shock and homesickness are part and parcel of your study abroad journey.

In such a case, you always need a reliable friend with whom you can share your deep thoughts or simply can have a feel-good conversation. So you must entertain the idea of making new friends! So where can you find them? Definitely in your classes, student housing, and most importantly, at various student societies.

Joining a student society allows you to meet many like-minded folks with similar interests, hobbies and passions. Furthermore, they can advise you on various topics, assist you in honing your abilities, and continually encourage you to pursue your dreams. And you never know, you might end up making lifelong friends!

So whether you are moving into a student house in Manchester or Bristol student accommodation, don’t forget to enroll yourself into one or two student societies at your university!

You will Learn the Art of Networking

Now that we have touched on the socializing aspect of student societies, it is time to discuss the most crucial part: networking! Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until you graduate to start your networking journey. In fact, it begins right from the time you set foot in your university. And it only gets better as you get involved actively in the societies and events.

Student societies organize and host many networking events all around the year. In these events, you will have an opportunity to interact with many like-minded people: your university alumni, faculty, contemporaries from another course, or other industry professionals.

To your surprise, many people usually get their first job through these networking events. But you shouldn’t be worried about securing a job now; instead, focus on making meaningful connections that can benefit you in the future.

Provides You with Great Exposure

When you move to a multicultural country like the UK, you have a golden opportunity to mingle with diverse people from all across the globe. It is your chance to learn about different cultures, traditions, and values. All of which can help immensely to shape your personality in both personal and professional ways!

And again, there is no more suitable way of meeting such people of different viewpoints than joining these student societies! From cultural galas to volunteer trips to networking events, the more you participate, the more diverse experience you will get!

Improves Your Skills

Joining a student society can help you hone your existing skills further and help you in obtaining transferable skills. You will learn about teamwork, management, leadership, budgeting, public speaking, event planning, sales, etc. Moreover, you can join societies that are out of your comfort zone. This way, you can challenge yourself every day to acquire a new skill set.

Helps in Creating a Stellar Resume

Obtaining good marks in your semester exams might be easy as your full attention will be on your studies. However, scoring high in exams while juggling your academic and extracurricular duties can be difficult. But if you manage to do that, it will open many doors of great opportunities for you.

You will come out as a dedicated person who can maintain an excellent work-life balance, multitask efficiently, and stay motivated for continuous improvement. Thus, making you stand out from other candidates during job interviews. In short, everything that most recruiters tend to look for in a candidate.

Furthermore, talking about hobbies and interests often provides good discussion points in a job interview, where you will have the opportunity to show your passion and in-depth knowledge.

Final Thoughts

There is a diverse range of societies available in universities. Remember, even if you can’t find a society that seems like an ideal fit, you can always pioneer one at your university. Joining at least one student society will keep you occupied throughout your academic life and assist you in swiftly adjusting to your new surroundings!


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Writer: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hotel Management. She has gained dynamic exposure working in a diverse range of industries. Her rich experience has fueled her desire to seek an abundance of knowledge about the world and enlighten others with the same!